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Job Description – Bartenders

About the organization:

Blue Stallion Brewing  Company is Lexington’s newest craft brewery. We believe the people of Lexington and the Bluegrass Region are just whetting their appetite for more high quality craft beer.

We specialize in German style lagers and British style ales and want to put out the highest quality beers available. We offer approachable beers for the craft beer enthusiast as well as the first time craft beer drinker.

We operate a tap room and production brewery located at 610 W. Third Street in Lexington, KY.

Blue Stallion Brewing Company is an equal opportunity employer.

About the Position:

The first place people experience Blue Stallion Brewing and our beers will be the tap room.  Their experience in the tap room must be excellent. From the quality of the beer, to the atmosphere of the tap room and especially the service they receive, a customer’s impression of the brewery begins as soon as they walk through the door.

Blue Stallion Brewing is looking to fill several bartender positions. These positions will be the face of Blue Stallion Brewing Company. Bartenders will be responsible for most aspects of tap room operations.

In addition to the day to day activities, bartenders will be expected to learn everything they can about our beers, the production process and craft beer in general.

Day to day activities include:
  • Bartending
  • Ensuring all of our customers have the best possible experience in the tap room
  • Opening up and closing out many days of the week
  • Changing kegs
  • All other day to day activities necessary to keep the tap room running

Bartenders will report to the owners of Blue Stallion Brewing Co.

Skills required:
  • Excellent personal communication skills
  • The ability to lift 35 pounds
  • The ability to transport kegs with a dolly
  • Attention to detail
  • Basic familiarity in using the web and other technology

Previous bartending experience not required, but a passion for craft beer is. Home brewing experience a definite plus.

The right person(s) will be in at the ground floor of a new Lexington start up business. We’re looking for people who are team players and are flexible in the duties they perform as we grow the business.

If you’re interested in applying, send a cover letter expressing why you’d like to join the team and why you’d be good at the job and resume to jobs (at)